Medical Rejuvenation
Medical Rejuvenation

Skin Peels

Revolutionary Skin Peels

AGERA peels represent a major advancement in the non -invasive treatment of ageing skin, acne and unwanted pigmentation.

These unique no down time peels provide visible results without unsightly skin shedding, redness or irritation. 

AGERA anti-ageing peels actively work to give you smoother and firmer looking skin by helping to eliminate the cells deep within the skin to promote the production of the all important levels of collagen and elastin to improve your overall skin tone and appearance.

AGERA acne peels rapidly bring acne under control using an antibacterial sterilizing action to dramatically reduce the risk of future scarring. These revolutionary peels also reduce blocked pores and redness associated with acne conditions.

AGERA pigmentation control peels penetrate the skin's pigment cells to gentle and effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted discolouration for a more even skin tone. 


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