Medical Rejuvenation
Medical Rejuvenation


Medical rejuvenation: sympathetically reversing the signs of ageing

 What causes us to age and form wrinkles?


A combination of factors are at play:


  • chronic sun exposure - leads to photo-ageing which is seen as wrinkles and a change in the complexion and texture of the skin
  • loss of subcutaneous fat which leads to a loss in the fullness of the facial contours
  • the muscles which are responsible for facial expression are constantly folding the skin when we smile, frown, scowl and make other facial expressions; this leads to the progressive development of hyperdynamic wrinkles; at first they are only noticeable with facial movement but over time they are permanent
  • gravitational changes - as we age our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag under the effects of gravity
  • with ageing our underlying facial bones and cartilage is undergoing resorption which leads to a decrease in facial volume


(See the treatment section for details on how medical aesthetic treatments can help)

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 To learn more about us: book a no obligation consultation with Dr Carr. A £30 consultation fee is payable but will be refunded against any treatments

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Anti-wrinkle injections using botulin toxin A or dermal fillers: Dr Carr will advise on the most appropriate treatment options for you as an individual

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